4 Tips Before Naming Your Puppy

How to choose the right name for the youngest member of your family? It’s yours and you can put whatever name you want, BUT there are a few things to consider, since you and your new friend are going to have to live with that for a long time. So let’s take a look.

First, remember that you have a small puppy now, but it will grow. Is it still the right name for a 100-pound Saint Bernard? Would you be embarrassed if others heard you calling your dog names? I know this sounds silly, but think about it.

And do not use command terms such as sit or stand or search for a name. The poor dog would be so confused that he would not know if you were calling him to come or give him a command! Talk about frustrating.

If your dog is thoroughbred and has documents, you will already have a name. But usually these names are very long and do not reflect their personality or characteristics. Although I do not recommend giving a well-educated dog a ridiculous name, simply because it fits your personality.

Short names tend to be better and better for the dog to quickly understand that he is talking to him. Avoid renaming your dog as this will simply confuse you. Yes, it is possible to rename, but why make things more complicated than they should be.

When naming your dog, consider it as another member of your family and the amount of time you spend naming your children … Likewise, you should spend some time naming your new dog.